Damia and Ratka

The Siblings


Damia and Ratka are the two children of Stanmir, the current leader (though not Elder) of the Tser Pool encampment.

Ratka the elder brother, is next in line to command. He is a very kindhearted boy, good with most melee weapons, and very eager to talk to new and interesting people. He is not the most intelligent boy around, but he secretly holds a lot more wisdom than he lets on.

Damia is the younger sister, a steadfast spy who is constantly on the lookout for her troupe. She is still quite open when talked to, though she is quick and straightforward. She is often seen talking with a female bandit from their troupe.

The two siblings have interacted a bit with the Party, being rather social and as forthright as they can really be expected to be with complete strangers. They are committed to the idea of freeing Barovia from its curse.

Damia was the first choice for Band Leader, but she decided to give the role to her brother. She thinks if she lives long enough to become the Elder, however, she may want to alleviate Eva of her role.

Ratka has taken a liking to Preacher, especially after the Goliath liked his double pistol hand sign “he wants to get going.” He gave him a small black birdcage with a canary, proclaiming they’d see each other again, as they were friends now.


Damia and Ratka

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